Wednesday, May 16, 2007

SEIU Partnership with Fortune 500 Companies, Labor and Civic Leaders to Spur Effort to Fix Health Care in America

Washington, DC – Standing with the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and national labor and civic leaders, SEIU today helped launch a historic, new cooperative effort with the goal of fundamentally changing the nation’s broken health care system.

The founding members of the new partnership, which was announced at a Washington, DC, news conference, are SEIU and Wal-Mart, the largest health care union and the largest corporation in North America, respectively; AT&T; Intel; Kelly Services, Inc.; Communications Workers of America; the Center for American Progress; the Howard H. Baker, Jr. Center for Public Policy; and the Committee for Economic Development.


It’s a start, I guess. I’m of course extremely skeptical. We all know it can be done. It’s getting everyone to agree on a plan. It is scandalous that this hasn’t been solved long ago. People are hanging on to the notion that employers are the ones that must shoulder the burden of health care.

“It is time to admit that the employer based health care is dead,” Stern said. “We can’t keep tinkering, hoping that incremental change will fix our broken health care system. We need fundamental change, and it is going to take new thinking, leadership, new partnerships, some risk taking, and compromising to make it happen. But that is what we all owe our country.”

And our children.

“More broadly, we believe it is a national imperative to mount a major effort to slow the growth of health costs even while expanding access, improving quality and assuring continued innovation. All evidence suggests this is possible; it is time to unleash the creativity of American business, labor unions, the nonprofit sector, government and health care workers to make it happen.”

“it is time to unleash the creativity of American…”

Good old American ingenuity, that’s what we need! Does it still exist? Is anything motivated by anything but greed? Are we just too tired of screaming?

Unions have both positive and negative connotations but joining together is the only way we are going to make any change in this country. To me it’s a cry for civil war with an emphasis on civility ala MLK.

Organize your community. Go to rallies.

I'm going to pick the same P/C/M/E time of day where the whole nation stands outside and yells at the top of their lungs. “We believe in affordable health care!” over and over for 15 minutes simultaneously.

Can I get a viral rally to make this happen?
Will you do it!
Will you help me?

Just imagine it! What will it sound like? Bigger and better than any one town that wins the Superbowl with everyone shouting in the streets.

I pick Memorial Day, Monday, May 28. 2pm PT/MT 3pm CT & 4pm ET. Stop your BBQ's!
Say a prayer for our brave fallen soldiers!
and start shouting!!!!!!

“We believe in affordable health care!” “We believe in affordable health care!” “We believe in affordable health care!” “We believe in affordable health care!” “We believe in affordable health care!”

Are you with me?

Spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*We believe every person in America must have quality, affordable health insurance coverage.

*We believe individuals have a responsibility to maintain and protect their health.

*We believe that America must dramatically improve the value it receives for every health care dollar.

*We believe that businesses, governments, and individuals all should contribute to managing and financing a new American health care system.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


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Friday, May 04, 2007

Old Poems or Lyrics I found in a drawer


Why would God be one of us?

A slob on a bus?

They say He sent His sonAmong us

With schizophrenic charisma

Chemically unbalanced living proof

of the power of mental illness

He conquered the world

with a message of love

connecting God to man

A reason to look above

One man's mind

One man's life

Don't look awayfrom the man on the bus

talking to himself

He could be Jesus

talking to his daddy.


I wonder if Jesus was gay
His best friend was a whore
No one loved him more than Paul
12 men bent over for his goal
Judas was just jealous
and wanted to expose
Paul's obsession
For the good of all.

The moon has many phases
none more magnificent than full
Golden, white and blue
Colors only heaven
can do
I am looking up
to a sky blue
black and true
My heart wants an answer
just like all of us do
You see I'm watching you
I see you changed
everything I knew
in phases.

I have no clue when I wrote those?