Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tucson Homeless Woman Murdered

Famous Tucson Homeless woman murdered

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So weird, I turned on the TV this morning to the news. I NEVER have time to do this. I had 5 mins. so I flipped on the TV. The only story I saw was about a famous homeless woman named Sunshine from downtown Tucson was murdered.

I get to work, pull up Brad's blog and it's about homeless people.

I used to be a daytime bartender at a bar that was across the street from the downtown bus station. I new most of the homeless men and woman that drank. Most of them were Vietnam vets and totally Effed up. They couldn't work if they wanted too. Most of them were very polite until they got too drunk and I would kindly tell them it was time to go. They usually complied amicably, but sometimes they got beligerent. But none of them were dangerous or vicious. I miss them.

The woman that was murdered was a Native American woman that served in Vietnam.

I suspect we will be seeing a lot of homeless people as a result of Iraq too. Our government sucks when it comes to caring for it's Veterans.

Next time you see a homeless person consider that he or she may have been royally screwed by Uncle Sam.

Thanks for feeding that guy Brad! Super kudos to you. Plus we can't give all our money to every homeless person that comes along but doing a little every once in a while makes the world a better place.