Saturday, March 29, 2014

An elephant eye makes it's debut
through the jungle through and through
Fossils swirls with body impressions
Lava so hot it blurs
Frozen perfection still life green
Threaten me with heat and pain
An open mind cures
by by choosing free
And freedom opens up the realm of gain
I can't resist the refrain
Of "more of the same,"

Friday, March 28, 2014

New Moon
Life in turmoil
Life in perfect harmony
flippant splatters of random hatred
and random ambivelance
and random love
 spirited flight

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Full Moon
She is not a nice moon
other planets have moons
our moon has an aqueous
our bodies are influenced
aware or not 
our behavior changes

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Which do you like more? 1 or 2?

The frequency is on the bottom right
some hieroglyphics appear above
emotional washes dilute whatever is meant
The optimism of the entire left side is sensational
Not in the grand sense
just a feeling
but not
It touches
It says something
vague and reminiscent
water or something icky
It's just that beautiful bleary memory
marrying all sides in captivity
one personality

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The beginning is
the beginning
this is the beginning
wonder what will happen
this is now
a drawing with OCD overtones
I want to tell you about the times
I can't stop drawing the same thing
It's an obseesion
Not meant to make a difference
only for me to release a strange fixation
The beginning is my hand
It's my compulsive
expression of repetition
we do what we do again
but without the idiosyncrasy of my hand
it WOULD be the same
but it's not
we are not
the same
we can 
do better
the beginning is
just that 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dreamscape Heaven
my universe
I feel like laughing to the point of peeing my pants
this odd bright opportunity
clean fresh unlimited hope
go forward
we have a pool to spin in
swirl vision
dreamscape heaven

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dance In Silence

Dance In Silence

Dance In Silence
Move with or without a partner
move to the sounds that can be glorious
move to the sounds that are sad
move to your own emotions
day and night
move to your drum, bass and home
Discover your melody haunting your soul
Happy, joyous, melancholy and quite morose.
Dance to your own voices.
Dance to your choices
Lay flat and stare at the sky
Imagine what you want to do now.
And dance again and again and again.

At What Time Did I Dream?

At what time did I dream that I had created the most amazing rooftop garden in the city? 
At what time did I dream I cleaned your room and organized everything to the most aesthetically and brilliant perfection that you couldn’t believe it was yours? 
At what time did I dream I scrubbed every inch of some random restaurant to clinically safe standards?  
At what time did I dream I helped advance your career at my expense? 
At what time did I dream I saved the earth from ultimate extinction?   

Who says it was a dream?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

not that easy ….is it?
My heart is uncomfortable
not because I worry what people think
cause of a hairdo
but because of what I feel
stupid pain . bad pain
What can I do?
take a back seat
poetry is next.
My art is for sale as at anytime

Friday, March 21, 2014


Pale face full of grace
believing in hatred’s pace
to leave clues
No child
believes in this christening
of doctrine imposed
until the world is twisted
by mean spirited fucks
in a church
and you believe in God.


I'm as raw as a bone subject to egestion. 
Every usable morsel of nourishment extracted. 
Only fragments subject to expulsion
by ugly, painful bowel flushstration 
Floating to continue a journey to 
another mode of decomposition by chemical destruction. 
Making one life sustenance for one animal 
carnivore; a fact of life and
a powerful pollutant.

Soldiers of Bliss

Only tonight I thought
Only tonight I felt this transcendent pain

A yearning and belief in more than we are

Our power scratchily out of reach
Like being buried alive
Digging out the atmosphere inside
To somehow emerge with a comforting knowledge
that will never exist
We are soldiers of our own bliss