Monday, February 19, 2007

Thin Slicing

Mike Wagner at started a thin slicing meme. My understanding of thin slicing is how you measure you who’s, what’s and where’s. How do size someone up, something up and someplace up in 5 distinct ways.

I'll I start with someone.

When I meet someone new I generally give them the benefit of the doubt that they're okay or nice. However, I am a chronic stereo-typer.

1. What stereo-type do they fit into? This isn't done in any cruel or prejudice fashion, it's just easier to get a take on their general fit into a given social group. Like hippie, yuppie, etc. but sliced thinner than those categories. Things that go into this category are, can you tell what political affiliation they have or not? Religion or not? Clothing style and demeanor? nice shoes, cheap shoes, thrift store clothes, new clothes - Wal Mart or designer.

2. Eye contact. Can you look me in the eye? If not why? Abuse? Fear? Shifty? Rude?

3. Tone. Friendly? Easy going? Rude?

4. Interest. Overly self focused? Overly focused on me? Why is this person asking all the questions? Why is this person answering my questions? How much information? Too much information?

5. Smile. Smiles can have all kinds of meanings. Smirks, Smarmy, Genuine, Fake, Eye roll, etc.

So 1. is just a point of reference. 2. confidence vs rude. 3. accessibility 4. awareness 5. sincerity.

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