Friday, January 26, 2007

Did I Ever Tell You My Fantasy?

Birthdays Abound! Happy Birthday to me & to Spare Change.

Did I ever tell you my fantasy?

When I'm good and wrinkled with tuffs of white cotton candy hair I want to have a penthouse on top of an international airport. I will come down to the gates in an evening gown, a boa and marabou slippers to talk to all the international travelers. I will tell them stories of when I visited India, Africa, Peru, China, Russia, etc. Because I will have traveled the world 10 times over by then. I will be the famous crazy old lady at the airport.

Come visit anytime!!!


Nedra Weinreich said...

Happy birthday to you! Maybe I'll see you at the airport sometime. :-)

Tammy Allen said...

Love to darling!

Badoozie said...

welcome to blogger

CK said...

What a wonderful fantasy...I am so proud of you and your great blog ;-).

Anonymous said...

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