Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bitch Attacked by Bees and Dies. YEA!

One day I was standing in line for music class. We were lined up against the front wall where the chalkboard was. Someone kept playing with the chalk behind their back making that clinking noise chalk sticks make. My first grade teacher turned around and told me to stop it. I said it wasn't me. And it wasn't me. I don't know who it was. A couple seconds later the clinking began again. Getting very annoyed my teacher turned around again and yelled, "STOP IT!" I meekly replied, "It's not me." The clinking began again. My teacher turned around and slapped me across the face with her full flat hand. I don't remember if I cried but I'm sure I did. She marched the class to the music room and left me behind to write "I will not play with chalk." as many times as I could on the chalkboard. I never told a soul. Two months later my teacher was attacked by bees and died. To this day, I'm glad she was attacked. Years later I told my mom the story; she was livid. She was so mad at the teacher, and so sad I didn't tell her, and as happy as I was that that fat old bitch was attacked.


rkent said...

Why didn't she just check your hands for chalk dust?

And I thought Miss Cooper (my first grade teacher) was bad...


Tammy Allen said...

She was crazy. I had never been in school before so I didn't know what to expect. I skipped kindergarten and went straight into first grade after being at home with my mom.