Friday, March 09, 2007

Tammy Friday, Mother's Day My Mom

My keyboard doesn't type every letter. Sometimes if I type really fast it eliminates letters.
It is really annoying.
Today is Friday

Today I am starting Tammy Friday.

I have many things I am passionate about.

Sometimes I don't know I am passionate about something until I get into it.

Today I wrote a lot of Mother's Day copy.

I'm a mother.

I didn't know I would be so passionate as a mother.

Tomorrow is my mother's 80th birthday

That is a serious accomplishment;

especially if you are my mother.

She raised two girls as an artist.

She raised two girls as an artist in the 60's, & 70's

She is amazing!

Her art is not New York, Paris or any other "cutting edge" school of art.

Her art is beautiful.

She is beautiful.

She has been featured in countless articles and books.

She is one of the most respected artists of her genre and generation.

Happy Birthday Mom!

I love YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, these are some of her paintings.
If you google Mary DeLoyht Arendt you will find her.

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