Friday, March 30, 2007

Why am I here?

Why am I here? Am I blogger? Am I a marketing blogger? What’s my blog name mean?

Well I am a writer, or at least I fancy myself as one. I write advertising copy by day and everything else when I can.

I wanted to be a blogger so I started blogging.

I found a fantastic blog called Mpdailyfix. I was hooked. Smart people doing what I do to some extent and I felt a connection. I have nowhere near the credentials as most or all of the contributors to this blog but I likey!

David Armano - I think - I could be wrong - but I seem to remember him writing a blog about being influential. God! Influential! Dreamy. Then a co-worker showed me the definition to foofaraw. Silly word. Sort of the definition of silly. So to be influential foofaraw sounded exquisite to me.

can I write?


Cheers all

Why are you here?


Gavin Heaton said...

Tammy ... blogging is interesting from a writer's point of view. Especially if you are used to writing advertising copy -- where you are often expressing the view or experience of a client's brand. If you write a blog -- then the brand is your own. This sometimes takes an effort to come to grips with.

But what is fascintating is the process of discovering -- for the writer and for the readers. Me? I am here for the discovery, because you contribute and energise the conversations on MarketingProfs and because we all grapple with the same questions.

Good luck!

david armano said...

Best of luck with the blog here. Hope you become... influential!! :)